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Wind curtain cabinet with exte...


Inner corner air curtain cabin...


Circular combination fresh kee...


Square combination fresh keepi...


Circular half height combined ...


Type B vertical glass door air...


Type a vertical glass door air...


Outside corner fresh keeping c...


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Dongguan fushang cold chain equipment co., LTD

Is a collection of r &d, design, production, sales and after sales, installation, maintenance, maintenance of commercial refrigeration equipment professional manufacturing enterprise, for the overwhelming majority of customers with "quality first, integrity-based" business of air-conditioner market services. Rich merchant freezer, contain six series products mainly: There is a series of refrigerating cabinet series in the refrigerator series, the refrigerator series is a series of stainless steel cold cabinets in the kitchen We have a series of cold cabinets, cold storage and cold storage Company after years of development, good product quality, good solutions and perfect after-sales service to ensure that the "rich" freezer walk in the front end of the industry, meet customers‘ different needs, by the broad market recognition of consumers and industry partners support!
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